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Toledo District Golf Association Tournament Registration

Join the new TDGA Master Roster (required for Tournament Play):

Go to the TDGA Registration Portal by following the link below these instructions.

After accessing the portal, Look for the line that says, “Don’t have an account?”.

Select the “Click Here to Register” button.

You will need to know your GHIN number.
If you don’t know it, contact your Pro Shop – they can get it for you.

Enter your GHIN Number and Last Name. Follow the prompts. Many of the fields will be pre-populated from GHIN. When Finished, click “Save”.

     TDGA Registration

After completing registration, you can view the Directory of TDGA 2018 Tournaments.
After April 1, 2018, you can register for an event.

How to Register for a 2018 TDGA Tournament:

Remember, Tournament Registration begins April 1st. You cannot register before then! Credit Card payments are required for online registration!
Step 1: Join the TDGA Master Roster by following the instructions above.
Step 2: Select the tournament you wish to enter.
     Select Online Entry from the Tournament Page on our website, or
     Use the registration link above and log in there. Then choose Event Schedule.
Step 3:Click on the Register Now button on the left side of the page.
     (You will be prompted to log in if you haven't already.)
Step 4: Click the New Registration button. Step 5: Select the tournament and click Next.
     (Tournament cost is listed here.)
Step 6: Your info will be displayed. If it is a team event, you will need to enter the details
      for your teammate(s).
Step 6a:Click on the Show Player Details button.
Step 6b:Enter the first 3 letters of your teammate's last name.
Step 6c:Select your teammate. Important:
     If your teammate is not listed they are not a member of the master roster and will have to register!
     Complete for all teammates. Click Next.
Step 7: Enter your credid card details and click next.

Using the USGA TM Mobile App:

Instructions for using the USGA TM Mobile App will be provided at a later date.

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