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Toledo District Golf Association Tournament Policy

Tournament Guidelines and Policies

All entrants shall use the Official Entry Forms or will be able to enter the tournaments online by going to the TDGA website:

Filling in the entry blank COMPLETELY, whether online or with the paper entries, is necessary for proper processing. Entry fees must accompany the Entry Forms for each tournament. Entry deadlines will be honored unless tournament is filled before this date! Entries should be mailed early to allow ample time for delay or error in mailing. Entries will be handled on a “first come, first serve” basis – once a tournament is filled, the next entries will be numbered and put on a waiting list accordingly.

Please do not staple checks to entry forms. If a check used for a tournament entry is returned to the office by the bank, the entry fee plus the bank charge must be re-submitted to the TDGA office.

Contestants may request starting time preferences. However, the TDGA cannot guarantee that all requests will be honored. Times will be assigned only on a first entry basis, and as available.

All tournament pairings and official results will be on our website, and will be emailed to each club’s golf professional. Pairings will be published one week prior to the tournament.

Contestants may request a certain pairing and the TDGA will try to honor these requests. To help with pairing requests, mail the entries together.

If a request comes in after a pairing has been made, it will not be honored.

If a player or team must withdraw from a tournament before pairings are made, the entry fee, minus $5 per player, will be refunded. Once pairings are made, refunds will be given at the discretion of the TDGA office – if substitutes are not available, there is no refund. If a tournament is cancelled or part of the field is unable to finish play due to an official committee decision, full entry fees will be refunded less fixed tournament expenses.

All participants expressly waive, release and discharge the Toledo District Golf Association (TDGA) and all of its representatives from all liability for any damage, loss of injury which has or may be sustained as a consequence of participation in a TDGA event.

Entries are open to male amateur golfers who are golfing members of the Toledo District Golf Association clubs and who have reached the age of nineteen (19) as of the tournament date. Entries are subject to approval or rejection at any time by the TDGA Board of Governors.

Proper golf attire is a must at all TDGA tournaments. Contestants will not be allowed to play in the tournament attired in blue jeans, short shorts or the like. All golf attire rules of that apply to a host course, must be followed. ALL OF THE TDGA CLUBS NOW REQUIRE THE USE OF SPIKELESS GOLF SHOES. PLEASE COME PREPARED TO ALL TOURNAMENTS.

The Rules of the United States Golf Association shall govern all play except as they may be modified by local rules as approved by the TDGA Tournament Committee. Questions shall be settled by the TDGA Board of Governors, whose decision shall be final.

In all handicap tournaments, handicaps will be assigned by the district office. Unless otherwise stated, a player will be allowed to use his full USGA Handicap to a maximum of 30. THE TOLEDO DISTRICT GOLF ASSOCIATION RESERVES THE RIGHT TO ADJUST THE HANDICAP OF MEMBERS COMPETING IN THEIR TOURNAMENTS. All players are responsible for the accuracy of their posted tournament handicap.

Automotive transportation will be permitted in all tournaments except the Junior Championship and the USGA qualifying tournaments. All contestants will be required to use a golf cart or caddie if it is a requirement of the club. If you prefer to bring a caddie please contact the pro at the course where the tournament is being held to discuss their caddie policy (cart fees are non-refundable)

All TDGA local tournaments allow contestants to use yardage devices. However, the devices are prohibited at the Junior Championship and the USGA qualifying tournaments.

All cellular devices are prohibited at any TDGA tournament.

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