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Past Winners of The Toledo District Golf Association Tournaments

Through the years the TDGA has provided our members the chance to participate in tournaments at different member courses throughout the District. This year we decided to recognize not only the members who have won these tournaments, but we would also wanted our members to notice all the different courses that have hosted these tournaments throughout the years!

Below there are links that will inform our members of all the past winners of the TDGA dating back to the 1998 season!

2018 Winners
2014 Winners 2015 Winners 2016 Winners 2017 Winners
2010 Winners 2011 Winners 2012 Winners 2013 Winners
2006 Winners 2007 Winners 2008 Winners 2009 Winners
2002 Winners 2003 Winners 2004 Winners 2005 Winners
1998 Winners 1999 Winners 2000 Winners 2001 Winners

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