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Key Services Provided by the Toledo District Golf Association




Sponsoring golf championships was one of the original services provided by the TDGA to its charter Member Clubs. Conducting quality golf competitions remains the highlight of the TDGA during the summer season. The TDGA schedule includes individual and team events, most with both gross and net divisions. Over 600 area golfers compete in the 14 core TDGA tournaments.

Additionally, the TDGA annually conducts a local qualifier for the U.S. Open and the Ohio Amateur. On occasion, local qualifiers for other major USGA Championships are held in the area.

Rules Interpretations and Tournament Administration Support



The TDGA serves as a readily available and experienced liaison between clubs in this District and the United States Golf Association. TDGA staff members and volunteers are highly qualified and available for Rules Seminars and interpretations. The Association can also assist Member and Associate Clubs in preparing for and conducting tournaments in a skilled, professional manner. A telephone call to the District office gives golf committees easy access to the accumulated experience of 87 years of TDGA tournament competition.

Course Rating Services

Course Rating


An essential component of the USGA Handicap System is accurate Course Ratings and Slope Ratings for golf courses. These ratings both depend, in a large way, on accurate distance measurements. In order to ensure compliance with the USGA guidelines and to ensure consistency in the region, the TDGA has a dedicated course measurement and course rating team. These services are available free of charge to all Member and Associate Clubs; a fee applies to others requesting this service.

To comply with the requirements of the USGA, courses must be re-measured and re-rated no less than every ten years (newer courses need to be re-rated every three years). Golf courses that undergo renovations or design changes may also require re-rating.

Handicap Services



One of the most important services provided by the TDGA is access to the USGA's Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN), a computerized service that provides a handicap index to members of golf clubs and associations around the world.
The eRevision newsletter with current handicap index information is delivered to golfers twice monthly.

Junior Golf Championship

Junior Golf


The TDGA Junior Championship, started in 1926 and played annually since 1945, is the oldest junior tournament in northwest Ohio. The Championship provides a true competitive experience for a large group of the area’s young players. The District offers an official USGA computerized handicap service for junior golfers at its Member and Associate Clubs. A portion of each entry fee from one of the TDGA’s most popular tournament, the Four-Ball Championship, is contributed each year to support junior golf programs in the region. The Toledo Junior Golf Association has traditionally been the major recipient of this largesse.

Hole In One Award

Hole In One


The TDGA recognizes the most exciting shot in golf, the hole-in-one, in a special way. TDGA members who make a hole-in-one at a Member Club course during the active season receive an impressive, personally engraved memento of their feat. Only adult male members of Member Clubs are eligible; the hole-in-one does not have to occur on the player’s home course.

Community Service



The TDGA recognizes its responsibility to support other worthwhile golf initiatives and golf related charities in the region. Accordingly, the TDGA annually supports a number of deserving causes. Last year, contributions were made to:

The Mel Woelfling Memorial Fund at the University of Toledo, which benefits students who have financial need, good academic standing and who display golfing ability.

The Evans Scholars Foundation, which annually provides scholarships to over 800 caddies across the country.

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