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The Mission of the Toledo District Golf Association

First and foremost, the TDGA is the authorized representative of the United States Golf Association in Northwest Ohio. In this role, the TDGA acts as the liaison between local golfers and the governing body of the game of golf in the United States. The TDGA conducts seminars on the Rules on Golf, the Handicap System, course ratings and holds qualifying tournaments for USGA championships. Currently, four TDGA staff serve on important USGA Committees.

The TDGA conducts an impressive array of golf tournaments for our 24 Member Clubs. This schedule allows members of these clubs to play fun and competitive tournaments, professionally run, at other member clubs in the area. These tournaments offer several opportunities for players of all skill levels.

TDGA Associate Clubs have contracted with the TDGA in order for their members to receive official USGA Handicaps Indexes. Associate Clubs also enjoy a number of other services from the TDGA at no cost, including course measuring and rating.

All Member Clubs and Associate Clubs have to access to the USGA's GHIN Tournament Pairing Program (TPP). This powerful program allows club professionals and tournament directors the ability to easily manage events at their club including everything from registration to printing scorecards and tabulating results.

The TDGA also conducts a Junior Match Play Championship and the Toledo Golf Hall of Fame Championship. Both of these tournaments are open to all golfers in the Toledo area, regardless of whether they are members of any golf club. The best golfers in the TDGA are also selected to compete in the annual Ohio Intrastate Challenge Match, pitting 12 players from Northwest Ohio against players from the four other golf associations in the state.

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